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2018 | 2019

Paweł Szamburski

Paweł Szamburski is a composer, clarinettist and culture manager. He studied at the Department of Cultural Anthropology and Musicology at the University of Warsaw. He is a co-founder of LadoAbc - the independent record company, as well as Lado Cultural Association - a community, which musical, publishing and cultural management activities have last consistently for a dozen years, and which has contributed to a dynamic development of new music in Poland. Szamburski co-creates the Sza/Za - Szamburski/Zakrocki duo, composing a film, theater and silent cinema scores, as well as compositions for contemporary dance performances. He is also a member of such bands as: Lost Education, Bastarda, or Ircha - a clarinet quartet. He is involved in solo projects: Ceratitis Capitata in which he uses liturgic motifs of the great religions of the Mediterranean Basin. In 2009, along with Patryk Zakrocki of Sza/Za, he was awarded during the Small Theatre Forms Festival “Kontrapunkt” in Szczecin, and won the main prize in 15th Polish Competition for Contemporary Art Exhibition. He was also awarded at Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France in 2009, winning the best film score. During Lava Festival, Szamburski will perform an original composition inspired by Kenneth Anger's film “Fireworks”.