Wersja polska
2018 | 2019

Pel Bonheur

Pel Bonheur is a project by Ani Mokrzycka, a visual artist based in London. Materiality, corporeality, excess and their physical reception are at the center of her research. She creates a non-verbal, affective language combining elements of video, photography, sound and sculpture. She uses different materials to construct asemiotic, hybrid forms embedded outside the established system of meanings or beliefs. She is one of the organizers of the cycle “Irruptive Chora” (run by the the Royal College of Art) which takes a collective attempt to destabilize hierarchical limitations and already established cognitive methods. As a DJ, she creates immersive, experimental and eclectic mixes, combines different genres, and melodies with noise in order to build dark, multi-layered sound landscapes, and affirm the equality and balance on the club and artistic scene. Pel Bonheur will perform on a first day of the festival, that is May 11, at the Krakow Art House.