Wersja polska
2018 | 2019

Satin de Compostela

After her debut DJ performance at the 'Valentynki - tanz mit Vala - support the eros’ - event combining music and performance art, organised in Krakow Art House - she’s getting back to her roots. On the route, she’s visited Szpitalna 1 (within Szum series) and Kawiarnia Teatralna with a cloudrap live performance in a duet with Rom Dziadkiewicz. Her mixes from the `~ satinangst’; cycle are created when she’s sad, and the ones from `~satintanz’; cycle - when she’s happy. At the Lava Festival II you’ll have an opportunity to take part in one of her cheerful performances. Satin de Compostela will perform on a first day of the festival, that is May 11, at the Krakow Art House.