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2018 | 2019

Queer Dating

Turn off the phone, look around, choose someone from the crowd, write a short or long letter to that person... here are some of the rules of Queer* Dating, event organised in Warsaw by Milena Liebe. The first Queer Dating in Krakow will end the second day of Lava Festival II - May 12, to improve your blood circulation and make you hearts beat faster. It’s a queer analog dating application that we all dreamed about. During Lava Festival Queer Dating will be accompanied by musical event - Szum.

*Asexual/ Bi-curious/ Bisexual/ Flexisexual/ Fluid/ Gay/ Lesbian/ Pansexual/ Polysexual/ Straight/ TBD/ Queer/ Questioning/ -


1. Turn off the phone off

2. Receive your individual number on the gate at the entrance

3. Attach it to the chest on the side where your heart is

4. Look around

5. Choose someone from the crowd

6. Write a short or a long letter to that person

7. Address it to the selected number

8. Sign the letter (if you like)

9. Leave your letter at the mail collection point

10. Wait <3