Wersja polska
2018 | 2019

Martial Canterel

Since composer Sean McBride unveiled his first utterance as Martial Canterel almost 2 decades ago, he has produced a body of work both substantial and alluring within the field of live analogue electronic music. Stepping aside from his musical writing duties with Xeno & Oaklander, the celebrated NYC electronic duo he co-founded with artist Liz Wendelbo, McBride’s creative drive funnels directly into the veins of his solo work as Martial Canterel. Effortlessly fusing a variety of styles and influences, Martial Canterel is one of the premiere outfits utilizing analogue electronics and modular synthesizers. In particular FM synthesis is employed to produce clustered polyphonies and organic atmospheres - a staple of his signature style. At the Lava Festival II he will perform on a second day - May 12 - at the afterparty organised by Szum.