Wersja polska
2018 | 2019

Karolina Jarzębak

Karolina Jarzębak is a graduate of the Cracow Academy of Fine Arts. Visual artist working with performance, video, audio art, creating objects and installations. She participated in the festival „Freierfest” at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Odessa and at exhibitions organized in Krakow: „House of mixed emotions” at Galeria 404, „P.S. to prawda ” at Galeria Widna and „Domestic Animals” at the Bunkier Sztuki Gallery. Co-founder of Galeria 404 active in 2015-2017 in Krakow. Co-creator of the „Smutna Buźka” collective. Her activity consists in arranging a site-specific situations, creating environments that are working on their own, built of elements that correspond with each other - they are multidimensional and that act not only through one object, but with the entire created space. She doesn’t limit herself to one medium, because she thinks that art should function in all contemporary means available to us. She is interested in the topic of millennials generation, the issue of loneliness, ways in which sadness is symbolised in culture and the anxiety we experience in the current political and social situation. The main theme of her works are the times of the overwhelming uncertainty in which our generation lives.

In her installation „and here you are despite it all”, that we are presenting in the basement of the Muzeum PRLu Karolina Jarzębak is going to refer to the story of Christine W. Chandler (A. Chris Chan), an autistic person trolled on the Internet for her activity, sexual orientation and gender identity. Chris creates a fan comic about the adventures of Sonichu (fusion of Sonic and Picachu), in which she portrays herself as one of the characters. Sonic is a role model fo Chris, who dreams of being a superhero because the reality in which she lives is unbearable for her. The work will contain elements drawn from the reality surrounding Chris in everyday life – from her room, family home, silent witnesses to the drama, and elements that present a special value for her, such as the totem of Sonic, drawings and texts. The installation’s title is taken from one of Chris' videos.