Wersja polska
2018 | 2019

Jan Moszumański

He works with film, sculpture and sound. He’s studied fine arts at the academies in Krakow, Oslo and Malmö. Emotional landscape of ideological systems affecting his life and the relative value of material and non-material labor are what interests him the most. In his works he reffers the issues such as the economy of sublimity and its expression in monuments, or the invention of the commoditized experience of fear in horror literature and happening at the same time as the Industrial Revolution, i.e. the kinship between fog and smog. In the multisensory Sturm-und-Drunk-new-not-so-romantic-black-noise-show Death Wind he challenges the Romantic approach to the relationship between man and nature. Occasionally, he accepts the alias Jan Moss.

On Friday, May 11th, at the opening of the Lava Festival II at the Krakow Art House, Jan Moss is preparing a musical performance in which, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of student protests in May '68, he is going to undermine the libertarian roots of the luciferian practice of disobedience. Our secular ancestors discredited their empathy-saturated ideals, slipping into consumerism. Equality was accepted as a substitute for self-determination, the place of solidarity slogans was taken by the vulgar competition on symbolic and economic fields, and instead of the release of the body, the commercialization of sexuality occured, subjecting the bodies of all genders to the regime even heavier than before, because established by ourselves. Liberation from external social oppression is going nowhere if we don’t understand the needs of our freedom first. Therefore Moss is making is go back to the devil's promise of realizing our own potential, trying to discover where runs the line between blessing and curse.