Wersja polska
2018 | 2019

Władysław Komendarek

Władysław Komendarek is an instrumentalist and a composer of electronic music who combines a mysterious sect guru image with the image of a mad scientist. He clashes a hippie, psychedelic freedom with the mathematical discipline of futuristic visions and synthetic sounds. He gained popularity in the 70s and 80s playing progessive rock in the legendary band Exodus but thanks to his later experiments, including theater and film music, Komendarek is now known as not only the visionary and pioneer of Polish electronic music but a name of a separate genre of music. He has published over 30 albums and performed at rock, electronic and jazz festivals in Poland as well as abroad. Each concert by Władysław Komendarek is a unique spectacle and dynamic ritual in which original electronic music is combined with singing in an unknown language. During the Lava Festival II, Komendarek will perform music inspired by Kenneth Anger's iconic film „Scorpio Rising” (1963), in which a story of a rebellious bikers gang becomes a picture of violence, erotism and occultism.