Wersja polska
2018 | 2019

Lutto Lento

Lutto Lento is Lubomir Grzelak, sound artist, producer, DJ and co-owner of DUNNO Recordings, based in Warsaw, Poland. Lone ranger, making uncompromising decisions when it comes to publishing, producing and playing music, achieving blissful states through recontextualization. Inspired equally by post-war avant-garde and indigenous music of Native Americans as well as dancehall and raw off-beat club music. Has released on labels like Charles Drakeford’s FTD, Where To Now?, Transatlantyk and Proto Sites. In 2017 Lutto Lento released his first full-length album DARK SECRET WORLD. Apart from that Lubomir writes music for theatre plays and film industry too. For Lava Festival II he will create a composition inspired by Anger’s “Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome” (1954), film that’s inspired by poem “Kubla Khan” by Samuel Taylor Colderidge.