Wersja polska
2018 | 2019


Portento (a.k.a. Gabriel Pedrosa) is a Basque-born producer based in Warsaw, Poland. He’s been composing/releasing material independently under this moniker since 2017. Last year he also self-published his first EP “necesito verte”, which he describes as “a small exercise on self indulgence”, “transformation of denial into categorical imperaritves” and “glimpses of a past sewed with innocence”. Currently, he also co-organizes and takes part in the “Turbocabra” showcase-event series, based in Warsaw as well. His blend of heavy vocal sampling with simple, melodic field recordings serves as an attempt to create relatable yet unknown structures; a very thin link between the present and a cherished moment in time. For Lava Festival II Portento will compose music inspired by Kenneth Anger’s movie “Eaux d'artifice”. This picture, created in 1953 in Italy, may be interpreted as an aesthetic meditation on the topic of freedom and pleasure.