Wersja polska
2018 | 2019


Active in the field of music from the early 2000s. On a regular basis working with MIRT, as a duo MIRT + TER, and in the project BRASIL AND THE BAND GALLOWBROTHERS (formerly ONE INCH OF SHADOW) and the trio FAINT OF HEARTS. Has released her debut album entitled „Fingerprints” and two collaborative albums with MIRT „Sultans of S # $ & *” and „Bacchus, Where Are You?”. Publishes single tracks on compilations in the country and abroad. Has performed at numerous festivals (Donau Festival, Austria; Flussi Italy, and in Poland: Unsound, Krakow; Open Source Art, Sopot, Monotype Fest, Warsaw; Temple of Silence, Antonin / Międzybórz; Opener Festival, Gdynia, WIF, Wroclaw).

ABOUT THE ALBUM „Remains”, Magda TER's sophomore album, has been created over the past two years changing its shape several times. It is a compromise between static, experimental background music and soothing techno glimpses with some samples of acoustic instruments. As a result, the album has contemplative colours, although hidden beneath the surface of seemingly uninvolved sounds. Due to this fact Magda's music cannot be pidgeonholed. One can even say that „Remains” leaves the audience with a huge amount of space for their own feelings and interpretations of the individual sequences, while simultaneously dropping some vague cues. Thus, we are dealing with one of the most intriguing electronic Polish releases in recent years.